Latest 85 Happy 40th Birthday Wishes With Images And Memes

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This post turns out the blast of Belated Happy 40th Birthday Wishes and Greetings. We have dealt with this post like you can commit wishes to everybody with these Birthday Wishes. Regardless of whether it’s your Friend, Family Member, Siblings, Husband, and Wife 40th Birthday. Here it’s the chance to make your Birthday Boy/Girl day essential and loaded with fervor. Demonstrate your affection by sharing our Happy 40th Birthday Wishes.

The event of a 40th Birthday should be commended! 40 is the ideal age to consider one’s existence with diversion, energy, and exclusive requirements of up and coming occasions. It ought to be honored with merriment including companions, family, and new associates. It ought to likewise serve and be seen as an update that there are numerous more years ahead, with energetic celebration.

Do you surmise that a Birthday is a charming occasion? Obviously, it is! Shockingly, not every person will concur with you! There is an inclination to trust that after the Happy 40th birthday celebration our life reaches its passionate end, and there won’t be great impressions any longer! What a crazy 40TH BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS!

When somebody you know turns 40, striking the correct harmony between commending this real point of reference and maintaining a strategic distance from the entire “middle age” thing is troublesome, particularly if the birthday young lady or kid will be Happy 40th Birthday somethings. Be that as it may, it’s certainly 40th birthday ideas feasible. Dwarven Name Generator

Happy 40th Birthday Wishes Message


  1. Ok, now that you’re forty it’s officially time to let go of all those celebrity crushes. I mean, now that you’ve arrived you’re practically a celebrity yourself! Happy birthday to my star friend on your 40th.
  2. Oh Lord, oh Lord, please make my friend famous soon… forty plus un-famous is too much for one person. Amen. Good luck and happy birthday.
  3. May the level of vitality that marks your 40th birthday, encourage you to accomplish even more. May the years you have beyond it, continue to reflect your growth, as a person!
  4. You should be feeling so proud now that you’re forty. You have such a beautiful life and a beautiful family. You have so many accomplishments that you can be proud of. Most of us are just starting out and dreaming of having all the things that you have now. You are truly blessed, my friend! Have a wonderful 40th birthday!
  5. Forty is just the beginning. It’s true what they say that life begins at forty. There will be a shift in your perspective when you turn forty. Everything that you think was so important when you were twenty will no longer matter now. You will appreciate the smaller but more meaningful things, and you will realize that not all the people in your life have your best interests. There are still so many possibilities, so be very excited! Happy 40th birthday!
  6. Forty is the time to embrace life with all that you have. This is the time to make everything count, to remove the toxic people from your life, to create the best moments with your loved ones, and to do the things that you love. You’re never going to be this young again, so you might as well go live life in your own terms! Have a happy 40th birthday!
  7. When you turn forty, you just can’t help but feel a bit sentimental. You will think about all the things that have gone wrong, all the relationships that didn’t work out, and all the opportunities that you didn’t take. But instead of focusing on all the things that your life lacks, focus on all the blessings that you have in your life. That makes all the difference. Have a wonderful 40th birthday. Stay blessed!
  8. A new chapter of your life begins today. May this year be full of blessings, surprises, and opportunities. MayGod bless you more with all the things you dream of and all the things you need. Happy 40th birthday!
  9. You deserve only the best on your birthday because you have been nothing but the best daughter to us. My heart is forever grateful to God because He gave me a daughter who’s not only a blessing to me but to many others, too. I hope that this birthday will be a wonderful one. I love you. May you always be blessed, and may you have many more birthdays to enjoy. Happy 40th birthday!
  10. Once you hit your forties, everything will start to make sense. You will realize that life is too short to be spent worrying about the petty things. You will realize that friends and family are the real treasures in life. You will think about the chances you did not take, the people you have hurt, and the relationships that did not have a happy ending. It’s okay. It’s okay to feel a little sad every birthday, too. But once the sadness disappears, you should be happy because you have been blessed with another year in this world. Another year to do the things you love, to be with the people you love, and to be a blessing to others. Happy 40th birthday, dear son.
  11. All the things that you haven’t done in your 30s is a chance for you to achieve in your 40s. Have a great chapter ahead. Happy forty birthday!
  12. Wishing you a very happy 40th birthday. Enjoy your forties – they’re just like your twenties, only doubly as good!
  13. You know you are forty when you stop using Facebook to socialize and start using it to spy on your kids. Happy 40th birthday.
  14. Have you heard nasty stories about how your body starts to wear down after forty? Well… they’re all true. Good luck and happy birthday.
  15. About forty years ago, the first email was sent in 1971, Sony Walkman was made in 1978 and disco became popular in the seventies. Wow, you were born in such a cool decade. Happy 40th birthday.
  16. Maturity and wisdom are great assets to have, but they are useless if you don’t unburden your life’s liabilities with smiles and laughter. Happy 40th birthday.
  17. Stop waiting for perfect moments in your life. Every second is as perfect and as priceless as you want it to be. Happy 40th birthday.
  18. Forty is the teenage of old age – understand this before it is too late, and start living your life to the fullest. Happy 40th birthday.
  19. When I hit my forties, I just started thinking about the past more and wondering about what could have been. Try to avoid doing this because you cannot bring back the past. You cannot get back all the opportunities that you have let slip past you. You cannot bring back all the people that you lost. The more you focus on these things, the more you will feel that you let yourself down in some way. Always look to the future and keep moving forward. Stay in the present and savor each moment. You will be just fine. I love you, son! Happy 40th birthday to you.
  20. I’m just very proud to see that everything that you wanted to achieve, you have achieved. When I look at you, I can see peace, love, and joy in your eyes. This is all I ever wanted for you, my sweet child. To see you grow up and grow old happy. I thank the Lord that you have made all your dreams come true. Have a happy 40th birthday!

Funny Happy 40th Birthday Wishes


  1. Here’s hoping you will be able to blow out all of the candles on your cake, fast enough to prevent a fire! Happy 40th Birthday!
  2. If you were 39 yesterday it must have been all the shipping and handling that set you over the edge. But since you’re officially 40, happy birthday.
  3. OMG! You’re the absolute best… I can’t thank you enough for turning forty before I did. I owe you big time, so the cake is on me. Happy 40th birthday.
  4. Turning forty is not as bad as they say- it means your awesome, cool, smart, and hip, times forty! What could be bad about that? Happy 40th you babe.
  5. Hey pal, remember when you were in your thirties and you talked about dreading turning forty? Of course you do, that was just yesterday. Well, at least you’ve got a ways to go before 50. Happy birthday and don’t cry. It’s not that bad.
  6. Congratulations! You’re officially a grown up! They say that the first forty years of childhood are tough- kudos to you for making it through. Happy 40th birthday, to my friend who just joined adulthood.
  7. The older I get the more I realize if you think about how old you are it only makes you feel older. So today don’t do too much thinking. Just be. Happy 40th…. Oops. I mean, happy birthday. That’s all.
  8. Forget about the word young. Focus on the word wise, strong and beautiful because you can only be truly so if you managed to pass so many challenges in your journey. Congratulations on four decades of strength and perseverance. Happy 40th birthday
  9. Awesome forty birthday! Wishing you a pocketful of sunshine to keep the darkness at bay, a bagful of health to keep you going, and overflowing love to share with the people you have in your life and to those who you have yet to meet.
  10. On your birthday, I simply cannot thank you enough for turning forty waaaay before I do. I hope that your 40th birthday is as epic as people who experienced it claim it to be. Happy 40th birthday, buddy!
  11. Who says you’re getting older? You’re not! You’re just growing in value. Happy 40th birthday, my friend!
  12. Did you know that every time a woman hits forty, a cougar is born? Now you know! Happy 40th birthday to you, my lovely friend!
  13. Happy birthday to someone who has gone to school and graduated without the help of Google. I hope your 40th birthday is as wonderful as you.
  14. Happy 40th birthday, sweetheart! Now we have a good reason to drink the night away and spend the whole morning tomorrow completely hung over. I can’t wait to celebrate with you!
  15. That’s right, honey. You’re no longer in the land of thirtysomethings. This is the tough forties! Happy 40th birthday!

Cute Happy 40th Birthday Quotes

  1. At forty years old, there’s so much you have done. You’ve led a good life, you’ve been a good person. You’ve made your parents proud, you are the pride of the family, steering our lives to where we wanted it to be. Happy 40th birthday.
  2. Step up, ladies and gentlemen…see for the first time on this continent the man who never ages!” Happy 40th, my ageless friend.
  3. Forty is the teenage of old age – understand this before it is too late, and start living your life to the fullest. Happy 40th birthday.
  4. Happy 40th birthday. You can look back on those years with satisfaction, knowing the future will be even better.
  5. You’re a great “life example” and now that you’re turning 40, you’re as vital a part of my life as ever. Thanks.
  6. May your 40th birthday be an awesome mix of love, friendship, and happy memories! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.
  7. It feels like yesterday when you got married and had your first child, lived on your own house with your own family, went on your first out-of-town trip together and took your child to his first day of school. Get ready for more rich moments like this. It will be more awesome, I guarantee you. Awesome forty birthday!
  8. The great thing about turning 40 is that we have hundreds of greetings received on this special day. We know which friends stayed and who will remain for a lifetime. We have a lot of knowledge and experience that people rely on and turn to. Welcome to this great chapter! Don’t worry, you are not alone! Happy forty birthday.
  9. Happy 40th birthday, sweetheart! Now we have a good reason to drink the night away and spend the whole morning tomorrow completely hung over. I can’t wait to celebrate with you!
  10. The weird thing about age is the more often you think about it, the more ancient you feel. I hope you don’t feel ancient today on your 40th birthday. Happy birthday, buddy!

Happy 40th Birthday Images & Memes


















Sure, your 30s are over. Good riddance, I say. The 40s are going to be so much better…in every way. So enjoy your 40th!

You and wine have plenty in common. Like wine, you get more and more delicious every year — certainly more priceless. Now let’s celebrate your 40th birthday!

Say goodbye, adieu, adios, arrivederci, cheerio, sayonara, au revoir, so long to your 30s. May they rest in peace! Say hello, howdy, bonjour, buenos dias, what’s up to 40! Long live the 40s.

Life does begin at forty. Your kids may not think so, but what do they know anyway? Your 40th birthday is a new beginning! It’s the perfect time to reinvent yourself!

Happy birthday to someone who is still young, alive and kicking! You really have to stop kicking everyone — you’re 40, for goodness sake.


Happy birthday! Hoping your 40s will feel incredibly new and exciting like your 20s — only doubly so!

Wishing you not only a deliriously happy 40th birthday but also a lifetime of immense joy, inner peace and true success!

You’re no longer 30-something. You’re now a 40-somebody! It’s time to make your 40th birthday a real humdinger!


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Lordy, lordy look who’s Forty! Turning 40 is nothing to be scared of with this bright and funny birthday card. You’re only as…


May all the dreams you’ve ever had in the last 39 years start to be fulfilled on your 40th birthday!


Are you really 40? You look only 30 to me! You have grown gracefully and timeless. Happy birthday.



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