Latest 60 Happy 60th Birthday Wishes With Images And Memes

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What is the quintessential “immaculate” Happy 60th Birthday celebration welcoming? It does what each birthday verse ought to do toward the start of any birthday decade: put basically, it makes the birthday young lady or kid feel better about getting more established. This may call for diversion or motivation. The course you take is, obviously, up to you.

A 60th Birthday is an earth shattering event! It is an opportunity to ponder an existence that has contained many, important encounters! Knowing a man who is commending a birthday like this, warrants a fitting, birthday wish. Keeping in mind the end goal to, enough, wish this individual a Happy 60th Birthday, you should help him or her to remember how vital this birthday really is, and send a desire that suits his or her identity, and the sort of relationship that both of you share with each other.

From general birthday wishes, to Happy 60th Birthday celebration messages, to messages composed for your Mom, Dad, or companion, we seek you locate the correct message after your welcome card. Furthermore, do look down the page to locate our best tips for composing the best customized birthday messages!

Happy 60th Birthday Wishes Message


  1. Wishing a dear a friend, a Happy 60th Birthday! You have never ceased to be there for me, during good and bad times. May your birthday be joyful! May you only keep company with people who love and support you!
  2. Sending you a wishes, on your 60th Birthday! I wish you complete and utter happiness! I wish that your children and grandchildren always see what a stupendous person that you are! I wish only the very best, to a devoted and fantastic friend!
  3. Happy Birthday, to a beloved friend! Your loyalty has meant everything to me! I hope that your 60th Birthday contains all that means the world to you! I hope that the people who are fortunate enough to be in your presence appreciate you! Have a very, special day!
  4. Sending a Happy 60th Birthday wish, overflowing with love and appreciation to my very, best friend! I hope that you are surrounded by even more grateful people! I am blessed to know you!
  5. Wishing a person who knows the true meaning of friendship, a very, Happy 60th Birthday! You are loyal, kind, and honest! May who you are be honored, on this most, special occasion!
  6. Life is a beautiful struggle. Sometimes, it’s beautiful, sometimes just a struggle. Make beautiful memories when you can. Happy 60th birthday!
  7. At 60, let go of the past, seize the present and take hold of the future. It’s never too late to be happier. Happy birthday.
  8.  60 years of doing your own thing. 60 years of marching to your own beat. You are the drummer and your life is the drum. Happy 60th to an incredible individual!
  9. Live your life as you see fit because the only rules that apply to 60-year-old people are those that you’re making up as you go along. Enjoy your wonderful birthday.
  10. Don’t listen to those who will tell you that at 60, time is not on your side. You have 40 more years before you reach the century mark. Relish every minute of every day starting with today’s celebration of your 60th.
  11. Happy 60th birthday. Even though your body may prove you wrong from time to time, you’re still as young as you feel. You must feel great!
  12. Sending a 60th Birthday wish to you! I hope that this important, occasion finds you happy and well! May you take time out to reflect on the amazing life that you have led! May you look to tomorrow with a smile on your face!
  13. Your 60th birthday fills me with jubilation! I hope that, on this special day, you feel that way, too! You are adored and cherished by all of the people who know you! Happy Birthday!
  14. Wishing you a 60th Birthday that is as unique and memorable, as you! May everything that occurs today be different, eye opening, and  make you feel happy to be alive! Happy Birthday!
  15. You never fail to encourage me, no matter what I choose to do! Today, on your 60th Birthday, I want to encourage you in your endeavors! May you travel to the places that you have always wanted to travel to! May you see things that you have always wanted to witness! May you know that there is someone who will always believe in you!
  16. You know you’ve turned 60 when you yell at the TV regularly, but you watch the Weather Channel most of the time. Happy Birthday to a superb specimen of a 60-year-old.
  17. You are a shining example of a person who faces challenges head-on, making lemonade out of every lemon and finding the silver lining in every cloud. Happy 60th Birthday.
  18. Forget how lengthy you’ve lived in this world. Instead, look for the things that you’ve accomplished until now And how far that you can still to go! Have a great birthday!
  19. You shine brighter and better than the sunshine after days of thunderstorms. You are even better than that ray of hope after long periods of despair. What are you? You are the best mom ever. Happy birthday, Mom!
  20.  Now is the time to think about finding less strenuous activities in your free time…like letting someone else pack the parachute for a change! Fly high on your 60th!

Funny Happy 60th Birthday Wishes

  1. On your 60th Birthday, think about the future! Forget about the past, if you have not already done that! Happy Birthday!
  2. Tonight, during your 60th Birthday party, have a blast! Dance like you are thirty! Eat like you are twenty-one! Forget where you parked, like the sixty-year-old that you are!
  3. Oh, to be young and full of vigor! But, not you! You are old! Happy 60th Birthday!
  4. Thinking about you on your 60th Birthday, and grateful that I am not nearly as old as you are! Happy Birthday, anyway!
  5. Today, I remembered that it was your 60th Birthday, and I was glad! It is always good to have an old friend around who reminds you that YOU are still young! Happy Birthday!
  6. Happy 60th Birthday! To say that you are old, is an understatement! It is the biggest understatement in the history of the world! Have a gargantuan day!
  7. By the time you’re 60 you’ve learned everything – you only have to remember it! Many happy returns on your 60th birthday.
  8. You’ve got more than half a century of accumulated knowledge and wisdom! That would be awesome… if you could remember any of it.
  9. Remembering you on your 60th Birthday because, let’s face it, you probably won’t! Happy Birthday, old one!
  10. Happy Birthday! Don’t worry about turning 60. Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live!

Cute Happy 60th Birthday Quotes

  1. 60 years have done great things to you. Still handsome like the day I first laid my eyes on you. Happy 60th Birthday, Husband!
  2. Life begins at 40 But you’re just as amazing as you reached 60 Continue to be amazing Happy Birthday!
  3. On this great occasion of your sixtieth birthday, let me wish you oceans of joy and God’s blessings in your life. You’re not only a year older today, but a year better and more beautiful. I hope you have a truly memorable birthday.
  4. Don’t worry, they are not grey hairs, they are wisdom highlights. You just happen to be extremely wise. Happy 60th birthday Mom!
  5. Did you know that in these modern times things have changed so dramatically that 60 is now considered the new forty?! So enjoy yourself to the max and live life to the fullest. Happy 60th birthday.
  6. Happy 60th birthday Mom! You’ve done so much for us over the years, now it’s time to focus on *you*. Wishing you all the best for the years ahead, may they be full of fun, adventure, and laughter!
  7. You have lived six decades of an exemplary life. This is something you should be extremely proud of. I know that you’ll keep inspiring and motivating us with your life for the next decades to come. Happy 60th birthday.
  8. Happy birthday Mom! I hope I have the wisdom and energy you have at sixty! Thanks for being an incredible mom and a wonderful friend. You deserve so much happiness and joy in life, and I hope that the coming years ahead are full of many blessings for you.
  9. Many happy returns on your 60th birthday! I know this past year has had some tough times but I hope that the coming year brings you the good fortune you deserve. You’re a great friend and I am so thankful for your presence in my life.
  10. ◊ You know you’re turning 60 when the biggest highlight of your day is waiting for the mailman to drop off the coupon insert instead of the latest edition of Playboy! Best wishes on your birthday!
  11. Sometimes I wish neverland existed So we don’t have to grow older. But whenever I see how magnificent of a person You have grown into through the years, I’m glad that we grow old like you. Happy birthday Dad!
  12. Every human being needs a home. Home is a special place that’s safe, calm, without tension, and without any noise from the outside world. You symbolize home to me, Mom. Happy birthday, I love you!
  13. Mom, what have you done for the family for so many years has made you a person for whom no admiration is insufficient. All the best from your children on your birthday!
  14. I hope your coming days are filled with endless joy, love, and serenity. I hope that the flowers in your garden will bloom more than ever in your 60s. Happy birthday to you, Mom!
  15. 60 years on planet earth is no small achievement, Mom. I want to congratulate you today and express my sincerest gratitude to you for being a phenomenal and loving mother to me all my life. Happy birthday.

Happy 60th Birthday Images & Memes

This is it. The big 6-0 for a wonderful human being. You are 60 years of incredible style and adorable goodness. Happy Birthday, dear one.


◊ Being 60 may give you a few more wrinkles, but your spirit is ageless! Have the very best birthday!


◊ You can’t run away from a landmark birthday like 60! Come to think of it, you can’t run anymore at all! Happy birthday to you!


◊ You may have lived 60 years so far, but everyone knows it’s only a number! Happy 60th kid!



◊ You may be turning 60, but your spirit is forever 30! Happy 60th!


◊ Now is the time to embrace your inner wild child while you still can! Unpack the disco ball and do the hustle! Happy 60th!


◊ Your turning 60. Keep turning. If you don’t bad things might happen!


◊ Remember that wrinkles are just a sign of life experience and being wise; you might do with being a bit less wise! Cheers on your 60th!


Happy birthday! 60 never looked so good!


You may look and act like a 60 year old but always remember this important fact: A happy person at 60 is much better off, healthier and wiser than a sad sack at 30. Happy 60th birthday.


Happy birthday! Turning 60 is not the end of the world — who knows, it could be the beginning of something new, something you’ve always wanted to do, something magical!

Happy birthday! You’re not turning 60. You’re turning into an undeniable classic that can’t be matched.




Congratulations on the 39th anniversary of your 21st birthday! Here’s to many more!


Happy birthday! You’re not 60. You’re 60…and sensationally sexy.

Happy Birthday! May your 60th Birthday surpass your previous one! May all that you hold dear be cherished even more today!



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